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We would like to show you like one attaches a dragonfly from the tapes.
Only 4th requires this technology around.
up to the wings is to be made easy the Scubidu dragonfly very much.

2 x tapes approx. 80 cm long. (two same color ribbons)
1 x tape approx. 80 cm for the wings (greenish)
1 x paste (second glue)
40 cms of copper or silver wire

Step 1

We begin with a normal 4 he Scubidu angularly without loop. (See beginning knot).
the color data are only for the drawn example

Step 2

Now after the beginning knot we twist round Scubidu.
We attach approx. 29 knot. Then the body should be about 5 cms long.

Now are prepared the wings.

We take the wire and push him by a new tape (green).
the gesammte length of the tape should be approx. 38 cms.
the basic form of the wings shows the picture on top.

Importantly: The upper wings should have min 5 cms side.

Step 3

Now it becomes a little more complex.
We form the wire first like in the picture with step 2. now
(upper wings every side min length of the body of the dragonfly)
We attach an other knot around.
before him tighten we push first a side small
of wing by a mesh, afterwards the other small wing
by the mesh on the other side. Now
tighten to the knots and straighten the wire.

tip: Some second glues before him tighten on the middle give. then

It should as look as in the picture.

Step 4

Now put on the middle of the upper part of the wings and round
Scubidu knot about that attach. Now
tighten to the knots and straighten the wire.

tip: Some second glues before him tighten on the middle give.

Step 5

Further we twist with 4th Scubidu around.
This we do once more approx. 4 sometimes. (Approx. 1 cm)
to the last knots well tighten and the knots close.

Yet the lower tapes take a short-cut and shorten upper
ends of the tapes on approx. 1 cm for the feelers.
the wings bend in the desired form.
Now we are almost ready.

Step 6

With it the dragonfly more nicely looks we can still stick
from below to the wing wise or colored paper.
the excess ends of the paper take a short-cut carefully and exactly
and the wings easily upwards bend.
everything straighten something else.

Ready is your Scubidu dragonfly.

A lot of fun with try out.

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